Code of Conduct

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We, who work at Komponent, all have a desire to do what is right and good – both for ourselves and for our Company as well as the society we operate in. Therefore, we have developed some guidelines for good business practice which is based on a similar practice of our mother company Miles AS.

At Komponent we consider our employees and their family members, customers, suppliers and other partners as well as the society we operate in as our business’ key stakeholders. We want to be an outstanding partner by acting to common benefit and aiming to build lasting and reliable relationships in a sustainable environment.

Komponent is a company rooted in Norway, our identity is based on Nordic business values and we are building our culture on the pillars of freedom and mutual trust.

Much of what is here is based on common sense. Still, we ask you to take a look, so we are sure we all have the same understanding.

For many of us, the job is not "just a job" – but also a passion. This is why we want to create a workplace where each one of us has room to develop and where we always treat each other and everyone around us with respect and dignity.

We work actively to create an inclusive environment that gives everyone who works here the opportunity to develop their special strengths and their distinctive character. As we see it, each one of us has a responsibility to make sure Komponent is an outstanding workplace, each team member is expected to be proactive in defining the way we work together.

We have zero tolerance for any form of bullying, sexual harassment, offensive behavior or backbiting. If any such thing should occur and you find it uncomfortable to deal with it, we urge you to notify Company management.

Integrity and openness
At Komponent we take responsibility for our actions. It is important that everyone behaves with integrity and with openness in all relationships and in all situations – towards customers, suppliers and partners, and not least towards each other internally both in Komponent and in Miles.

We treat gifts to and from customers, suppliers and partners with care. If a customer or competitor wants to pay for a meal or entertainment, consider whether it can place you in a conflict of interest. If the meal or entertainment is offered during a contract negotiation, we would always recommend thanking and rejecting it politely. Similarly, as employees of Komponent, we should make the same assessment when we invite our customers and partners to events we pay for. If we are in a negotiating situation with a customer, supplier or any other partner, we should always consider whether it is right to invite them to our events.

Competitors and partners
Professionalism and openness are underlying principles in everything we do, in relation to customers, partners, third parties and our employees. Our mission is to forge strong relationships that deliver lasting results.

At Komponent we appreciate our customers, and many of us spend a lot of time with them. At the customers, we are careful to respect and abide by all of their policies and regulations.

We believe that competition is good. As we see it, competition is the best driver for increased performance and innovation. We therefore consider competition as a golden opportunity to be even better at what we do and we always treat our competitors with respect.

We depend on our good partners to be able to do our job, and therefore maintain good working relationships with them.

As Komponent associates we are happy on our globe, and therefore always try to find the most sustainable solutions. We want to contribute by running a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

At Komponent you have great freedom to set up your own workday. Thus, it is up to you to consider both the short and long-term environmental impacts of the choices you make – whether it's about regular consumption, printing your emails, taking trains instead of aircraft, or considering electronic communications like Skype to avoid traveling any more than necessary.

Corporate Responsibility
An active and conscious attitude towards social responsibility creates good working conditions, gives a good reputation and contributes to more satisfied customers.

As an active member of the society we operate in, we undertake to fight corruption, contribute to labor and human rights, to a better environment, and thus to a better society.

The right to privacy and privacy is important – both for each one of us individually and for our customers. Therefore, we respect privacy by dealing with any kind of personal information with the utmost care.

This is Komponent

We are dreamers and creators, experts and engineers - an elite team of coders, designers and hackers based in Bergen, Kaunas, Oslo and Vilnius. We enable companies to solve problems they can’t solve on their own: expanding their business model, developing a new app, redesigning core tools. If it’s at the cutting edge, it’s for us. We do more than just fire and forget. We come up with complete solutions to complex challenges and then we stick around, maintaining what we’ve built and helping it grow.

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