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We are Komponent

Komponent is the uniting of two great teams - Vegvisir and Miles Create - who have joined forces under the guidance of one experienced mother company, Miles.

We might be based in four locations, and have experience ranging from engineering to design, but we are unified by a single focus - creating apps, tools and platforms that break the mould and build the future.

A critical component
We play an essential role in the development and design of mission critical software for the companies we partner with. We take full responsibility for the projects we work on, covering everything from frontend and backend to quality assurance, security, DevOps, concept and UX design, and business analysis.

A trusted component
To play such a critical role in our customers' success, we have to be dependable, solid and trustworthy. The only way to achieve this is by building close and highly synchronised working relationships, and by hiring the very best people, then giving each of them the ideal conditions to thrive.

The Komponent Culture

We understand that people are the critical component to our success. And we have a road tested process for building elite teams:

  1. Find unique individuals who have both expertise and empathy
  2. Give them the autonomy and freedom to make decisions
  3. Put them in a challenging team environment that fosters learning and growth

Individuals with professional authority and personal warmth
We're in the business of solving highly complex digital challenges, and we need the brightest minds with the boldest ideas. But we're equally interested in the many components that make up their lives - ideas, beliefs, hobbies, friends and family, even their favourite biscuits. So our selection process is about finding individuals who match our values and ambition, and about trying as hard to impress them as they do to impress us. After all, authorities in their field who are also warm and collaborative are a rare breed.

Experts acting with autonomy
Autonomy is not just a buzzword at Komponent. We believe in our people and their expertise, and we trust them to get the job done. That's why we practice "beyond budgeting" and bottom-up decision-making. We understand that decisions about equipment, working hours, holidays, and technical solutions are best made close to the people that they actually affect - in other words, on the individual or team level, and in close collaboration with our customers. By empowering instead of micro-managing, we get the best results.

Elite teams thriving on challenge and collaboration
Here at Komponent we know that elite teams are built from people that have the courage, hunger and confidence to challenge themselves. And not just themselves, but also their colleagues and their clients. We encourage honesty and expect our people to be critical, but always tactful and respectful. We foster a strongly collaborative spirit. We are a home for truly like-minded people, who can often be found brewing beer or playing board games when they are not building cutting edge digital solutions. Most importantly, they always inspire each other to grow and learn more. And because we know that learning is key to growth, we expect our people to never stop.

An impact that is growing all the time
As Komponent, we view the merging of Vegvisir and Miles Create as just the beginning of our journey. Our teams in Vilnius, Kaunas, Oslo and Bergen are already thriving, and we are well-equipped to accommodate further growth. We have carefully planned and prepared for this, and our ultimate goal is not only to contribute significantly to our customers' success but also to drive innovation throughout society.

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This is Komponent

We are dreamers and creators, experts and engineers - an elite team of coders, designers and hackers based in Bergen, Kaunas, Oslo and Vilnius. We enable companies to solve problems they can’t solve on their own: expanding their business model, developing a new app, redesigning core tools. If it’s at the cutting edge, it’s for us. We do more than just fire and forget. We come up with complete solutions to complex challenges and then we stick around, maintaining what we’ve built and helping it grow.

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